Friday, March 5, 2010

Beli bedak padat..hehe

Ok..this i bought not on purpose..i know..i shouldn't do that..feel guilty to myself..this is the 1st time i bought makeup or to b specific compact powder which is cost more than i said, for the sake of beauty...ya right :p ..i was freak out as my age getting 30 n i dont have any beauty product that can cover myself or at least to slow down the ageing effect..hehe..what i talking crap here..

ok la, for my reminder here..i just bought mac compact powder lightful range which consist spf i care? ..naaa..just want to try it...and sure i will not buy this anymore...isk2..thats what will happen if i go out during lunch hour on friday...lain kali jgn keluar..kawal shila kawal diri...haishh..

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Nur said...

bila aku bc post ko nie, automatik aku teringat bedak padat yg hubby aku bg ms kawen ari2...bru 2,3 kali pakai. bising gak la mulut hubby aku tuh sbb asyik simpan je bedak tu...alahai, bila la aku nk pakai....xsesuwai la dgn keje aku nie...mmm..hihi

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