Monday, February 15, 2016

The ugly feet and the bald head..

Last saturday i bought a new sandal..its just Bata Comfit sandals la..not only one..but two i bought..blame it to bata comfit design..make me so tamak..haha..but serious cantik2 okeh design die..and murah pulak..less than RM100..

my criteria..the sandals must be comfort and quite i dont like flat i try to find from clarks, and scholl because i know they got this comfort sandal..but the design looking quite oldies i go to bata..then i was rambang mata..thats why i bought 2..perempuan kan..always like that..

whatever it i go back home and show it to my husband. 

me: abang, ce tengok cantik tak kasut ni ( i showed him while wearing the shoe)..
husband: (he look at it and say)..kasut tu cantik tapi kaki awak buruk..haha
me: (i was like..ha?..)..OOO camtu eh...abang kene la terima kaki saya buruk..saya boleh je terima abang botak..hahaha

that is our conversation in the saturday evening at tembok rumah with little kina and yayan..very deep..hihi

actually it is funnier than that.because my husband always like to tease me or say something that make me felt like...grrr...but he doesnt look like joking..he always make the serious faces..

btw, eh how to make our feet skin look glowing and pretty ha?..i admit..i also dont like my feet okeh..the skin full with bintang2..especially after i gave birth to yayan..nak pergi spa ke ape tak sempat lah..huhu..

ade tak treatment yang best2 tuk kaki ni..

ok la..i go first..its a boring monday coz i need to redo my piping stress analysis..arghhhh..

ok bye..

kasut bata comfit baru saya..with lighning effect..agagaga..

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Muis Ismail said...

salam..first time datang sini.
samala saya sekarang pun suka sangat dengan bata.
design dah up-to-date tak macam dulu.
nanti nak tayang jugakla my new pair. hihi

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