Friday, January 16, 2009

jawab tag leen

lame dah aku x update blog ni..hee..been bz this week...kat opis xley nak wat, sbb xley masuk accaunt blogspot..ntah nape ntah..pastu ble smpai umah lak, nagntuk je slalu..huhu..apsal ek, aku cm dah semakin lemah je..walopun tdo cm cukup kan, tp mate asik rs sleepy je...penat aku pk..hmm..

btw, ari tu lin ade tag aku ngan soklan ni..den jawab dulu eh :D

Do you think you are hot?
nop..i think i'm cold

Upload your favourite picture..

Why do you like the picture??
sbb mase ni aku tgh mkn mashpotato yg sedap kat william subang..hee..n i eat a lot until my stomach full..huhu

When was the last time you ate pizza??
Last week, order online at dominos..mase tu xtau dominos pn one of israel product...nx time, xnak mkn dah..

The last song you listen to
imagine by john lennon from my myspace page.

What name do you prefers besides yours?
my name is quite, no need lah ;p

5 People to tag :

kalau ade..hmm..let see

1. Dr.M..?
2.who else..i think no one la..coz i only got 2 frens which hv blog..n both already done this tag..hehe

Who is No 1?

Former Malaysia prime minister..Proud of him..but..hmm..xkan die nak jawab tag yg bembukan ni, forget it ;p

No 3 is having a relationship with.

wit me..

Say something about no 5.

some ghost from middle east..

How about no 4?

fren with the middle east ghost, but he is the vein one ;p

Who is no 2?

nobody..just me

ok tu je la kot..i hv done this tag..ade sape2 lg yg nak tag aku? yer, silekan

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