Tuesday, December 18, 2012

job requirement..


  • Candidate MUST possess atleast a Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree in Electrical / mechanical / Mechatronic field.
  • Candidate MUST have at least 2 - 3 years of working experience in the related field.
  • Candidate MUST be able to converse and write CHINESE

what would you think if the requirement like above..is that mean they need chinese candidate only or if other races know how to write and converse chinese language, they will consider..hmm...


Anonymous said...

as salam,
This advert, "Candidate MUST be able to converse and write CHINESE" I think it subtly ignore or marginalize the employment opportunities for all people/races. Even dalam Undang-undang buruh di Malaysia stated "Sebarang pengiklanan yang dibuat tidak boleh mempunyai unsur diskriminasi dengan mencadangkan kerja itu hanya terbuka kepada bangsa tertentu sahaja" (Race Relations Acts, 1976)
I think we all aware, that some chinese/indian cannot speak and or write in Bahasa Melayu well. So why put gap there? maybe they have their own reasons but still, this advert is clearly against the law.

p/s: Congratulations on your belated wedding day and proud parents to be :)

-Lareine Ahmed-

shiela said...

thanks for your respond :)..nowdays i always found this kind of requirement, which makes me turn off for applying the job..if this issue not prevented, I'm afraid that employment opportunities for some races will be affected..

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