Saturday, May 8, 2010


when my friends has nobody to go out with, i'll always be there to accompany them
when they are alone, i try my best to entertain them
when they have problems, i'll listen to them
when they unhappy, i try to make them laugh wit my stupid joke..

but..when i'm alone..will anybody do the same?..i know someday, when they all have their own life, they will left me here alone...because i'm always be invisible to them...i'm just nobody important..Michael Bubble said "u r nobody until somebody love u" ..sad me..i hate weekends :(

p/s: u yelled at me..i'm so hurt..i read ur other fb site..and u said u r invisible.don't u realise that i always by ur side?..u said u r rejected by someone..dont u think about me u reject?..after a long time we've been together...hey..i feel ur pain too..because i felt the same..even worst..

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